Things to Know About Yurt Camping

Things to know about yurts

What is a yurt camping?


A yurt camping is an activity you into the wild, or to a place that would otherwise take more effort to get to and set up camp there. It can also be referred to as simply “yurting”. It’s typically done in groups so you have friends to do activities with. Depending on the group, it could be a campout; essentially camping without a tent and instead using the shelter of a yurt (a yurt is an easily assembled and disassembled circular shelter)

What are yurts?


Yurts are shelter structures traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their main dwelling during the cold winter months. The yurt is very easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. Yurts can be made from many different materials, but the traditional material was felt. Modern yurts are either made from plywood or, as the more expensive ones, aluminum.


Yurts consist of a circular floor plan with a round wooden frame that is held together with tension from ropes. Most of what you see when looking at a yurt are the curved roof pieces that are laid on top of each other to create the crown. The walls are typically made with lattice or panels that can be raised or lowered to let fresh air into the yurt and to regulate heat and light.

What are yurt camping rules?


Yurts have a very low impact on the surrounding environment. The level of what they interfere with is so little that it can’t really be referred to as interfering. As for noise, if there are other campers nearby, being quiet is usually good enough to avoid bothering them. 

Just remember to follow camping etiquette.


Who commonly uses yurts?


Yurts are most commonly used by backpackers, campers, hikers, scouts, adventurers,[1] survivalists,[2] and nature lovers. They are also used occasionally as temporary hunting lodges.[3]. Some families will purchase a yurt for their own backyard or to become an entertainment center that they can rent to other people.

Yurts are also used by military personnel who go on training missions in the field, as their design makes them very portable and easy to assemble. Since they can be assembled so quickly, it is possible to take yurt camping with only what you could carry yourself easily, even if you had to stop while moving camp.

How many People can Fit inside a Yurt?

You can fit about 5 adults. If It has Bunk bed with twin/queen bottom (2 on bottom, 1 on top) + twin/queen futon/couch (2). Could have more with kids. It really depend on the size of the yurt.

Yurt Sizes and price.

Sq Ft.155155200314452706
Center height9'9'9"10'3'11'12'6"14'2
Base Price7,3408,2359,39011,48012,96516,220

  According to my research, a yurt costs about $144 per night on average. There are several factors that can affect that, like seasonality. Yurts ranged from $80/night to $353/night. 

RatesWeekdays RatesWeekends RatesHoliday Rates
Season Rates$149-179$179-209$199-229

How is yurt camping better than regular tent camping?


A yurt camping experience is typically very immersive, especially in the nighttime when there are no lights around for miles. It’s easier to gain a sense of isolation from civilization, distancing yourself from the noise and pollution of daily life. Yurts are also more comfortable than sleeping in a tent, because you’re sleeping on flooring instead of directly on the ground.


Yurt camping is also much expensive than other options, requiring a yurt and some way to move it if necessary. You could carry your yurt with you as long as you had enough people to help carry all the pieces. Unless someone else is moving it, in which case you can just assemble it wherever you need to.


Yurts are also waterproof and offer protection from the elements better than a tent. A yurt camping trip is perfect for people who like adventure and want all-around more interesting experiences with nature.


Renting one would be cheaper then owning one. Unless you are plane to do it often.

What is the best season for yurt camping?


In September and October the weather is not to hot or cold, and you can enjoy the outdoors with fewer crowds. However, there is a reason people go camping in June and July. You can also use a yurt in the winter since it is incredibly warm and provides protection from the cold.

What are the benefits of yurt camping?

If you choose to go camping in a yurt, you will find that it has many benefits for you and your camping party. Yurts are beautiful structures that look great in any campground. They are spacious inside, typically having the capacity to sleep up to eight Adults and kids depending on the size comfortably. The round shape of yurts perfectly distributes heat throughout the structure’s interior, keeping everyone warm on frosty nights.

You can enjoy a much more comfortable camping experience with a yurt. It is not necessary to pack your tent and air mattress for a yurt camping trip, since your yurt will provide all the material and supplies you require. All you need to bring are the essentials that you would normally bring along on a camping trip. There is no need to set up your yurt at your campsite once you arrive – it is already there. 

Taking your family or a group of friends can be a great experience.