Camping in Jedediah Smith Redwoods

So, you want to go camping in, jedediah smith redwoods campground State Park! It’s a great idea and there’s almost a no better way to experience the magic of these old-growth redwood forests than pitching your tent among the trees. There are four campgrounds here, three of which require reservations to stay at. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance (you don’t need an exact date) and must be made by phone or internet. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about camping.

Camping Along the Avenue of the Giants

The first popular campground is along the Avenue of the Giants; specifically Burlington Campground and Bull Creek Flats Group Campground. These two campgrounds are often filled with large groups and families, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to camp I’d recommend the other two options. However, they do fill up quickly so make sure to reserve your spot in advance!

 There’s an “RV Park” that takes RVs and Tent Campers though which means that people who aren’t sleeping inside their cars can stay here.

First come first serve, no reservations required. This is what we did when we visited in October and we were quite happy with our choice (we stayed four nights). There is a small creek running through this area and we spent many hours looking for salamanders and fishing in it. The sites are very close together, but we didn’t have any neighbors which made us happy. We noticed many people had brought their dogs with them on this trip, so if you’re a dog owner that enjoys camping then you should know that there is plenty of space for your pup to play here.

North Fork Campground

The second most popular campground is North Fork Campground. This one is right next to the Smith River, so you’ve got water access as well as hiking trails nearby! Again, reservations must be made ahead of time because this one fills up pretty quick too. There are 63 sites available here, but I don’t think they can accommodate large groups or RVs.

The Joe English Residence Area

The third most popular campground is the Joe English Residence Area. This one isn’t on the Avenue of the Giants, but nearby. Again, this area fills up quickly so make sure to reserve your spot! We did not explore this section because it was full when we arrived.

Reserve a Campsite at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

You can call Reserve California at 1-800-444-PARK (7275) or you can book online at their website. Fees are $35 for any campsite except group sites which cost $150 per night. Check out their fees page for more information about what’s included in regular and group campsites. If you need more information check out their camping FAQs.

Have Fun

Be Kind First and foremost, pack out what you pack in, no matter where you go. Trash is unfortunately very common at American campgrounds, but let’s try and do better than that! Pick up any trash around your site and dispose of it properly. This also means Leave No Trace principles: don’t leave anything behind! I know this is simple enough, but please remember it. Throwing cigarettes on the ground is something so many people do so if we all practice leaving no trace then our forests will be safer for future generations to enjoy.

Second, follow all posted rules at your campsite. If you see a sign that says “quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm and end at 6:00 am,” then shut your music off before 10pm. If there are signs for Katmai or other wildlife, please follow rules as well because they are in place to protect the animals we love so much.

And lastly, be friendly! Your fellow campers will probably appreciate it if you smile and say hello while you’re out enjoying nature. You never know what kind of people you’ll run into while camping, but I know that no one likes to feel unwelcomed.

I hope y’all have lovely trips to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in the future. I would say Happy Camping, but you know what they say about assuming.

Things to do

The forest contains giant redwood trees, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Consider taking a breathtaking picture to showcase your amazing experience. As you cruise down Howland Hill Road, you can take in the scenery while you take one of the many short or long hikes or, if you’re short on time and passing through, you can observe the groves from a distance. There are many fun activities available in the Smith River, including fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Where to camp

One campground and four ADA-accessible cabins are available at the park, which has 106 sites. In comparison to a cozy cabin in the woods, cabins have electricity, heaters, and lights. You can’t use an open flame or cook inside, nor are there any facilities such as toilets or kitchens. Each cabin features a barbeque, a fire pit, bear boxes, and picnic tables. Camping is permitted on sites with trailers up to 21 feet long and motorhomes up to 25 feet long. You must carry water from water spigots to your campsite from the restrooms, showers, and RV sanitation station in the park.

What to bring

A warm outfit is essential, as well as layers. During the rainy season, pack thick socks that will dry quickly in humid conditions and warm hats, scarves, and mittens. Don’t forget the raincoats and rain pants. Checklist

Activities to do at redwood park

Here a list of things to do at and around Jedediah Smith Redwoods park.

  • Redwood Rides
  • Howland Hill Road
  • Hiouchi Information Center
  • Crescent Trail Rides
  • Redwood Sightseeing Tours
  • Stout Grove
  • Six Rivers National Forest
  • Boy Scout Big Tree Trail
  • Crescent Beach
  • Battery Point Lighthouse
  • Ocean World

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