A Simple Guide to Summer Camping Outfits.

dress for camping in the summer

How to Dress for camping in the summer

Camping is more enjoyable in the summer. During the day, temperatures are high, so it is possible to wear lighter clothing, but it can get really cold at night. You’ll still have to go outside, so what will you wear? Clothing that is too cold or too hot can make it impossible for you to enjoy time spent outdoors. To begin, let’s see some examples of how some people dress while camping during the summer:

When the sun sets, a short-sleeved shirt alone won’t be enough to keep you warm, so make sure to pack layers. This is why below we can see a similar look with shorts and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Maintaining airflow through the shirt enhances comfort during changes in temperature throughout the day or night.

Shorts are an option not only for getting comfortable but also for being practical while camping. They are lightweight and easy to dry in case you need to wash them after an activity like climbing rocks.

dress for camping in the summer

Here’s another good example of what should be the perfect summer outfit. Since it can address both comfortability issues during sleeping and practicality while being active outdoors. It still consists of shorts which are somewhat paired with thick socks over them.

That way, you keep your legs covered when it gets cold at night, so there’s no risk of losing body heat through your legs while trying to sleep, which would otherwise result in you having to wear pants or long-sleeved shirts. On top, the weight of the clothing is reduced, which means it won’t be difficult to carry around when climbing mountains, exploring caves, or anything else one would do at campings.

dress for camping in the summer

A good cape is also convenient for dealing with quickly changing weather conditions because you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. It may be enough to wear it if your clothes aren’t dry yet after washing them, or if it gets colder but there’s still some sun left in the sky. 

This is an example of what not to wear, but it still has worthwhile elements that can be seen in other models. For instance, many short-sleeved shirts are useful while being active outside. However, they should always come with long pants to avoid getting hurt by bushes or branches if climbing or hiking through nature.

However, some people may feel comfortable wearing only shorts when sleeping outdoors at night, but this shouldn’t scare you just yet since shorts aren’t that bad as long as they’re paired with other elements. Here’s an example where their weight is somewhat reduced; Those shorts don’t seem to be made from heavy fabric, which would otherwise weigh a lot and be difficult to wash and dry.

 Summer camping outfits should provide the right amount of clothing for every situation. Considering the climate, you don’t have to bring too many items with you.

For instance, it would be useless if not even harmful to your health if someone brings extra clothes because there’s no place to carry them around in their backpack. The best thing is just wearing comfortable clothing which you can easily remove or put on without too much effort.

dress for camping in the summer

This is an example of what people usually wear at the seaside while camping, even though it’s a little bit less bad than wearing short pants and a shirt only. Firstly there’s a cap with a low brim, so you wouldn’t have to worry about accidental sunburns if going for a swim.

Then there are sandals which may be used both in water and overland so they’re very light to carry around, making them the perfect choice for those who don’t want to wear shoes that often – alternatively they could bring some high boots as well; as long as they’re not heavy enough to cause back problems over time (i.e., carrying loads on your back when climbing mountains).

It’s also good to cover your head whenever you go outdoors so you wouldn’t burn your scalp unless of course, you want to. Then again, that might also depend on where exactly in the world you are located, because in some places wearing a hat can be considered an odd thing to do, but not everywhere is like that.

Summer camping example

Camping Outfit Do’s & Don’ts for the Summer



Preparation can help you have a more enjoyable camping trip.